Ludlow 100

Ludlow Centennial Commemoration

Statewide Committee

The Ludlow Centennial Statewide Committee is a Colorado-based, grassroots effort to raise awareness of the history and stories surrounding the Ludlow Massacre and the Colorado Coalfield War, as part of the 100th anniversary of these events.

We have many members from around the state including:

United Mine Workers of America

History Colorado

Colorado Humanities

Colorado State University-Pueblo

University of Colorado at Colorado Springs

University of Denver

University of Colorado

Colorado National Guard

Pueblo City-County Library District

Bessemer Historical Society

Fremont County

Mt. Carmel Health and Wellness Center

Southern Colorado Repertory Theater

Greek Orthodox Metropolitan Center of Denver

St. John the Baptist Orthodox Church of Pueblo

Huerfano County Tourism

Spanish Peaks Festival

Southern Rockies Crossroads of Culture Heritage Area

and more!




One thought on “Statewide Committee

  1. Hello from Francisco Fort Museum, in tandem with Huerfano Historical Society in Huerfano county. I was out of state during the meeting held in Walsenburg, and was sorry to miss it. However I am planning our annual ‘Francisco Fort Day’ (July 26) around the mining theme. Because of my connections to the performing arts world, I have engaged a wonderful performer named Mark Ross for our event. He was based in Butte, and has performed with Utah Phillips and others, and is a folk voice for all Union and working man efforts. He tours the country, and has actually performed at Ludlow in the past. I would like to let others on the commission know about him, and other organizations who might want to utilize his musical performance while he is in Colorado (he is more recently based in Oregon). I will provide his website here, and if there is a list of emails for contact, I’m happy to do a letter of introduction and possibly help coordinate his efforts while he is here.
    My contact info is below, please drop me a note that this email arrived and I appreciate any information or contacts you can offer!
    All the best to the coming summer events, Kim McKee

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